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Pokemon Trainer

For my very first PAX East in 2013 I went as a pokemon trainer. I also used this cosplay for one halloween. I made the pokeball out of playpin balls, markers and white out. Oh and meeting a giant Pikachu while dressed as a trainer is as amazing as you would expect it to be 🙂


Indiana Jones

So along the lines of halloween costumes, this is my costume from last year that I threw together last minute. Also note that the whip is actually a HDMI Cable.

PAX EAST Cosplay

So, For my first post to this blog I would like to share of of my proudest cosplays to date: Lilith from Borderlands. I have also included pictures of the awesome tattoo a friend of mine was able to draw on my arm in sharpie (I would have done in myself but the tattoo is on the left arm and for accuracy sake I, a lefty, could not draw it). Also the infinity gun that I am holding has a spinning barrel and was made by my friend who’s own works can be seen here: