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Graduation Present

For my sister’s graduation I decorated her favorite alcohol in graduation robes. I used felt, foam,  hot glue and lots of strings. All of the strings are the actual colors that my sister received upon graduation and wore for graduation.


The Idol

At my old college (Union College), there is a tradition where we paint a statue on campus. It has hundreds of layers of paint on it and is barely recognizable as a statue but is still recognized as the idol. This past spring my friends and I turned the idol into Pikachu. We made the tail and ears out of solo cups and painted using our hands (as is part of the tradition) and added the detailing (the red cheeks and black tips) with spray paint.


For my dad’s birthday I covered the letter G (his first initial) with beer bottle caps (Budweiser is his favorite so they are all Budweiser). I bent up the sides with needle-nose pliers and glued them on (some I had to re-bend at different places so it would go around an edge).