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Pi Day!

So this year had a very special date in it: Pi Day, which falls on March 14th (3.14) But this was no ordinary Pi Day, for this year had more digits of pi!! (3.1415). So to celebrate I had a whole day of Pie!!! First I made Quiche, then Spagetti Pie (looks like a bird’s nest), then we ordered pizza and finally I made apple pie!


Jello Slices

So for 4th of July 2014 my friends and I made jello in lemon slices. All you have to do is cut the lemons in half and get the guts out, then make jello shots (recipes found online; you can also use plain jello as well with no alcohol in them) then let them sit overnight and when the jello is firm slice the halves again to make quarters. Really simple treat to bring to a party, plus its fun to pretend your lips are lemons!