Duct Tape Box

For Christmas, I couldn’t find a proper sized box to wrap my cousin’s present in, so I made one out of Duct Tape (brown and red for the top).



For my dad’s birthday I covered the letter G (his first initial) with beer bottle caps (Budweiser is his favorite so they are all Budweiser). I bent up the sides with needle-nose pliers and glued them on (some I had to re-bend at different places so it would go around an edge).

Can Tab Belt

Over the summer I made a belt out of Can tabs from Budweiser and seltzer cans. I strung them together with plastic lanyard and attached it to the belt buckle (which I already had). The belt works like any other belt except instead of designated holes there is a hole in every tab so the wearer can make it as tight or loose as they feel like wearing it.

I also made a second one with a slightly different lanyard pattern but I do not have and pictures yet of it.